Does Heathen accept multiple submissions?

Since we're now in our first-ever submission period, we're allowing authors to submit as many stories as they like. That said, please submit responsibly. Our readers have many, many stories to get through and it'd be appreciate if you kept submissions to just a few.

Are simultaneous submissions allowed?

Yes, simultaneous submissions--or submissions submitted to multiple outlets--are allowed. If you submit a story to Heathen, however, and find it’s accepted by our editorial team and a publishing agreement is signed, we won’t be willing to cancel the agreement should you want to put the story elsewhere.

What rights are Heathen looking to obtain?

For the first 12 months of our agreement, Heathen will retain exclusive print and audio rights to your short story. After that, we ask authors to grant us perpetual nonexclusive rights to your story in print and audio formats so long as we continue to maintain our website, social media platforms, and podcast distribution networks.

Does Heathen accept reprints?

We do! Reprints will be paid at a rate of $0.02 per word and must not be under an exclusive contract with another publisher. We will, however, require exclusivity for our regular 12-month period should you want a reprint published in Heathen.

What format should I submit in?

To be frank, we're not picky. Submit your manuscript in a standard format akin to what other publishers require. While our readers will will pretty much anything we throw to them, they've informed us they'll walk out if some submits in Comic Sans.

Does Heathen accept AI-generated writing?

No, no, no, and no. Under no circumstance will Heathen knowingly publish stories or artwork created by artificial intelligence. While we would like to think AI has its rightful spot in the technological pantheon, we feel creative writing and art is not a place the technology should reside.

As such, any submitted story will be run against multiple AI detectors, and anyone caught submitting stories generated by AI will no longer be welcome to submit further stories for inclusion in our magazine.

Will I get paid for having my story featured in Heathen?

Yes! We pay out an initial, HWA-qualifying fee of $0.05 per word when your story is published in a digital issue of Heathen. Our contract also states that you'll receive a pro-rata share of ad sales from your story's podcast episode, and a pro-rata share of any sales made should your story be included in the annual Heathen physical copy.